Dealing with antiques is no simple matter. Especially when it comes to exquisite antique furniture. But what do you do when your favorite antique piece of furniture gets damaged or you can see obvious signs of wear and tear over the decades? Or what do you do if you find a beautiful piece of furniture at a flea market but it has a tear in the seating or a very loose frame? Should you just pass it up because it’s damaged or tired?
Antique furnishings hold different levels of value to different people. Even what may seem valuable to one person may not seem valuable to another… But if it has value to you, then you naturally want to find a way to “fix” the furniture if you can. Especially since many antique or vintage items have been in your family for decades… We can help bring these old friends back to a new life! Antique restoration is a perfect solution if you have furnishings that have significant sentimental value…

Our skilled and experienced craftsmen know just how to properly restore fine antique upholstered items. From proper frame repairs, 8 way hand tied springs, to finely detailed button tufted items, we can provide the service you expect with professional results!

Contact us today at Upholstery Pros to learn more about how we can take your worn out or damaged antiques and get them looking brand new again!